Payment Options

We are giving a great range of payment options to all our customers. Lots of payment options will facilitate customers in different areas due to the various payment channels they can afford.
You can payment with bitcoins(BTC), Ethereum(ETH),Bitcoin cash(BCH) , LiteCoin and RPX .
With all crypto payment, its faster to confirm payment and your order shipped out within the shortest possible time. All payment by cryptocurrency takes atmost an hour for confirmation by our desk which is pretty fast as compared to other payment options.
With direct bank payment, we provide you with our bank account for payment. And note: with this payment option, we only accept huge purchases or bulk orders. With this payment option, it takes about 5hours to 10hours so as to confirm payment depending on the type of bank, state or country of sender.
With MG payment, We will provide you names and address to use at the MG store to process the payment. This means of payment is also fast and can take you a few minutes to the payment online on moneygram website( or few minutes at the local moneygram post in your area.
WU payment is very similar to MG payment, We will provide you names and address to use at the WU store to process the payment. This means of payment is also fast and can take you a few minutes to the payment online on westernunnion website( or few minutes at the local westernunion post bank in your area.

How long does it take for you to receive my BITCOIN, Western Union transfer, MONEYGRAM or RIA?
Payments made by Bitcoin, Western Union, RIA or MoneyGram are normally processed within 2-3 business days after we receive transaction data from you. If payment is rejected by BTC, MG or WU ( data not correct) than we send you email and whole process starts all over again so be carefull in order to avoid delays.

How successfull is delivery?
We ensure that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion. Products are packed with extreme care and precaution. Our organization name is not indicated on any package and shipments are sent from various shipping points in Europe, established in different countries, to ensure maximum discretion and highest probability of successfull delivery.
With customs we have 99.9% success to USA, 99.5% success to Canada, UK and Europe and 97% to South Africa. Even if products get seized ( 1% possibility based on our statistics through years), we cover 100% of the loss.

Can I buy your products through another way aside from the website?
Since we are specialized in internet mail ordering, our services are only available through our website.

Is this company legit and am I safe to do business with?
We understand Your concerns to that matter since there are many nonlegit sources on the web and for consumer is very difficult to pick out the right partner! We are totaly legit, work successfully for more than 6 years, have online customer support on regular daly basis ( monday till friday) and all products are high quality generic products from well known pharmacies. We are professional mailorder pharmacy, ship out 100% and keep good customer. It is in our interest to have You satisfied with our services, so You keep comming back for whole time of your needs! You can order with total peace in your mind! We are good partners and you will love us eventually, like many others do, calling us Best friends or Roid heaven, which makes us happy, cause we are here only for You and because of You.

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